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Our passion lies in solving the problems of our users. We digitize and optimize business processes, make daily work easier, conquer new markets together with you, face every challenge and help your company to reduce costs.

We rely on the latest technologies, a highly trained team and over 20 years of experience in software development. We stand for:

  • speed

  • High quality

  • reliability

  • transparency

How we proceed

Examples of industry solutions


TelePhone is an ERP system for directory publishers. Since 1992, more than 40 publishers in Germany and the USA have been producing around 500 directories per year with our software in print runs of 20,000 to 2.3 million copies. Rely on the right software and the right partner for your directory media. WKG Software GmbH from Hanover is recognized throughout Germany as a specialist in the production of telephone, industry and address directories – print and online.


Officeliner® is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Compared to pure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, the system offers functions for customer care and new customer acquisition, as well as the ability to map all of the company’s business processes in one software: customer and address management, campaign management and mailings, call center support, follow-ups, activity history and scheduling , Document management, billing and much more.

Summit cloud

Summit Cloud is a web-based reporting solution for preparing, creating and publishing annual reports for listed stock corporations in Germany. The system is also suitable for medium-sized companies and is consistently multilingual, multi-client capable and designed for multi-user operation. In combination with a built-in key figure early warning system, Summit Cloud enables the generation of handouts for the monthly board meeting at the push of a button.

Examples apps


Nightlife community

Upgrade your nightlife

Clubmapp brings clubs and customers together in one app – worldwide! News stream, chat, shop and lounge ensure the ultimate party experience virtually and in real life. Any clubs, events, groups, artists, agencies and manufacturers can present themselves to a worldwide community in the club map.

All profiles are networked with one another. Users can always find the place with the best atmosphere and can buy other users a drink before they even get to the club. Everyone can check-in at the visited locations and see who is also there.


Media advice

The ultimate tablet sales tool

SalesFront® is an iPad app that optimally supports the sales force in sales. With simple gestures, the consultant can demonstrate to his customer the services that are right for him, without having to explain a lot. SalesFront® dynamically integrates the information available about the customer into the product presentation.

For media consultants, the tablet is an ideal tool for presentation and order entry in the field: it is small, light, compact, switched on immediately, can be operated with your fingers, has a long battery life and does not create a barrier to customers during sales talks. It is also perfect for demonstrating mobile forms of advertising.


Night delivery service

Daily 5 pm-3am

YummyBus will be the most popular, fastest growing supermarket on wheels in Germany with potential for Europe and the rest of the world.

We bring chilled drinks, snacks, groceries, frozen food, drugstore and household goods and everything you need to live in 59 minutes at the latest. to your home. You can conveniently order via the app and on the web.

Our image is friendly, emotional, service-oriented, mobile, flexible, close and modern. Our drivers are the key to success.

Project flow

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