Project Description

Apps for sales and media advice

The mobile field service presents the customer with products and services on the tablet, fills out the prepared order form together with the customer and has the order digitally signed on site. The customer’s 360 ° view shows the order history and his budget distribution.

  • Dashboard and showcase
  • Products, prices, shopping cart

  • Flexible form design
  • Signature on the tablet
  • Order confirmation by email and fax

  • Bidirectional synchronization

  • XML interface

  • Online and offline operation

Project implementation

Duration, budget and team

On the basis of completed projects, the average project duration is 7-8 months. After an initial exploration sprint and the basic graphic design (together approx. 40 hours), 8 sprints follow to develop the apps and the backend (approx. 180 hours per sprint).

We recommend a budget of at least 120,000 euros.

1 product owner
1 UI / UX designer
2 backend developers
2 app developers

Realized projects


The ultimate tablet sales tool

Present and sell with the iPad

SalesFront® is an iPad app that optimally supports the sales force in sales. With simple gestures, the consultant can demonstrate to his customer the services that are right for him. SalesFront® dynamically integrates the information available about the customer into the product presentation.

For sales advisors, the tablet is an ideal tool for presenting and entering orders in the field: It is small, light, compact, switched on immediately, can be operated with your fingers, has a long battery life and does not create a barrier to customers during sales talks. The customer signs directly on the tablet.


Create your own homepage with your mobile phone

It depends on the content

With the new SMBPage We will help you to create an appealing website that captivates the visitor in just a few days – with a professional design, beautiful photos, current information and offers.

To design your SMBPage, you can choose from a large number of color schemes, set up up to three individual pages and upload any number of photos – with comments on products, prices and events. With our maintenance app for the Apple iPhone, you can manage your SMBPage yourself at any time and call up the latest visitor statistics on a daily basis.

Industry compass

Shops and services in the area

Branch compass FRankfurt am Main

If you are looking for a service provider in your area or in the Rhine-Main region, you have come to the right place at the Frankfurt Branch Compass. Find companies, businesses and authorities for everything you need! There are also guides for all situations in life, which have been written by proven specialists and provide you with everything you need to know on a wide variety of topics.

The industry compass is the successful search portal in the Rhine-Main region. A few clicks lead quickly to the goal. By the way, did you know that the industry compass has been around since 1992?