Project Description


The users create articles or text posts that can be seen and rated by all other users in a feed.

  • News feed and posts

  • User login with email / password

  • Email check of registration and reset

  • Maintenance of user profiles and favorites

  • Notifications inform users of new articles and reviews

Project implementation

Duration, budget and team

Based on completed projects, the average project duration is 3-4 months. After an initial exploration sprint and the basic graphic design (together approx. 40 hours), 4 sprints follow to develop the apps and the backend (150 hours per sprint).

We recommend a budget of at least 40,000 euros.

1 product owner
1 UI / UX designer
1 backend developer
2 app developers

Realized projects

Let's RendeVu

Book & offer lifestyle services

Find & book whoever and whenever you want

Find a provider near you or search for your preferred provider on social media for the nutrition, fitness, style, and talent sections. Determine availability and book directly! All providers are checked and confirmed.

Determine a place to meet with your provider or schedule a time to talk to the provider. With RandeVu you can meet your provider comfortably and safely without exchanging personal information.


Nightlife community for 150,000 clubs and 400 million party people worldwide

Upgrade your nightlife

Clubmapp brings clubs and customers together in one app – worldwide! News stream, chat, shop and lounge ensure the ultimate party experience virtually and in real life. Any clubs, events, groups, artists, agencies and manufacturers can present themselves to a worldwide community in the club map.

All profiles are networked with one another. Users can always find the place with the best atmosphere and can buy other users a drink before they even get to the club. Everyone can check-in at the visited locations and see who is also there.

Kings & Minions

Find and offer ad hoc services

Find your minion

You don’t want to queue for concert tickets but prefer to have a coffee? Find a Minion in your area! Post your job and payment in the app. Kings & Minions will show you all available providers who are nearby and would like to take on the task. Your minion will organize the tickets for you while you have coffee – today you are king!

Anyone looking for a casual job can offer themselves as a minion. Each provider is first verified and the reviews of the Kings can create greater and greater trust in the community.