SalesFront® is an iPad app that optimally supports the sales force in sales. With simple gestures, the consultant can demonstrate to his customer the services that are right for him, without having to explain a lot. SalesFront® dynamically integrates the information available about the customer into the product presentation.

For media consultants, the tablet is an ideal tool for presentation and order entry in the field: it is small, light, compact, switched on immediately, can be operated with your fingers, has a long battery life and does not create a barrier to customers during sales talks. It is also perfect for demonstrating mobile forms of advertising.

  • Dashboard

  • Showcase

  • Media administration

  • Advertisement generator

  • SimplePaint

  • Order entry

  • Signature on the tablet

  • Order confirmation by email and fax

  • Comprehensive XML interface to the ERP system

Target groups

For media consultants

“From a dusty publisher’s image to a multimedia service provider through the use of innovative sales techniques with the tablet” – this is how a sales trainer formulates his experience with SalesFront. With the iPad, the sales representative no longer presents himself as an advertisement seller, but as an experienced and competent media consultant. Product presentations are immediately available, and services can be clearly and completely displayed and recorded. SalesFront also works offline and is therefore always ready for use.

For the mobile field service

Three properties make SalesFront unique for the field service, regardless of the industry: Freely configurable product presentations and registration forms with digital signature, a standardized XML interface for ERP systems and 100% offline availability. In this way, companies can provide their team of consultants with the latest product presentations. On the one hand, the field service is offline and self-sufficient, and on the other hand, it is connected to the company online via data synchronization in both directions.

For customer service

SalesFront provides all customer information for service advisors and service technicians and also makes it available offline. Be it in business or on the go – the user has all the data he needs to support his customers available immediately and at any time, including route planning. Customer services, complaints and up-selling can be recorded and documented immediately using freely definable, convenient forms. The customer can sign directly and receives confirmation by email.

Sell successfully with SalesFront

Contact list

All contacts and orders at a glance

With filters to the right lead in seconds

The user loads his tours onto the iPad at the push of a button and activates the package in which he wants to work. The contacts contained – both customers and non-customers – can be displayed both in list form and on a map. SalesFront offers a variety of sorting and filtering options. If necessary, the user can define and save his own filters in just a few steps. Status information is displayed for every contact and every order, which provides information on the processing status, for example: open, in progress, ready, transmitted.

360 ° view of the customer

Complete customer history available at any time

Dashboard and showcases

SalesFront offers the unique opportunity to link ready-made HTML templates with the synchronized customer and order data. This means that there are practically no limits to the way in which customer information can be presented. For structuring, the data can be distributed on different tabs in the app. For product presentation, SalesFront also has a fully integrated tool for adapting and playing “showcases” at the customer.

Order form

Complete and sign the order on site

Free design of input forms

SalesFront enables the free design of any forms and sub-forms, e.g. order forms. For all common data types, fields can be defined, given labels and combined into groups. SalesFront also supports checkboxes (switches), signature fields and images. Complex constellations such as a table of order items are also possible. Fields can be pre-assigned according to individual rules and plausibility checks can be carried out during input. Special plug-ins such as the ad generator expand the possibilities depending on the industry.

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