Summit Cloud is a web-based reporting solution for preparing, creating and publishing annual reports for listed stock corporations in Germany. The system is also suitable for other companies and is consistently multilingual, multi-client capable and designed for multi-user operation.

Authorization and blocking concepts enable everyone involved in the creation process to work together optimally: the financial statement team, accounting, controlling, legal department, auditor, supervisory board and executive board.

  • Freely configurable reporting structure

  • Texts, pictures, tables, charts

  • Multilingual content

  • User, role and locking concepts

  • Change history, note function

  • Almost unlimited layout options

  • Automatic indexes of contents and keywords

  • Interface to financial accounting

  • Data warehouse and reporting

  • Output formats PDF, Word, Excel

Target groups

For listed stock corporations

Summit Cloud supports the IFRS standards and enables the annual accounts team of global corporations to smoothly prepare regular business reports in cooperation with the accounting, controlling, legal department and auditors for publication to the management board, shareholders and the responsible authorities. Multi-client capability, multilingualism and multi-user operation form the basis for this.

For agencies

For agencies that create sophisticated business reports as a service, the Summit Cloud offers the perfect basis for the regular, automated and smooth exchange of data with the client’s financial accounting. This means that transmission errors can be excluded. The system also offers the option of defining individual layouts. An integrated Excel interface sets almost no limits to the creation of highly complex tables and charts.

For the middle class

Entrepreneurs who have to report regularly to their shareholders or internal committees often spend a lot of time and effort creating appealing presentations on current business developments. The Summit Cloud can relieve a large part of the work here by standardizing and automating large parts of this process: The key figures in the report are automatically updated from the accounting department and the report is output as a PDF at the push of a button using the specified layout.

Prepare business reports

Summit cloud

Flexible reporting structure and multilingual content

Everything at a glance

Summit Cloud works with sections, chapters and paragraphs that can be arranged at any depth. The content can be seen side by side in two languages both in the view and during editing. Variables from accounting can be inserted into texts, tables and charts and formatted individually. The numbers are automatically linked to the data warehouse.

Editorial system

Combine texts and key figures as you like

Editing of texts, images, tables and charts

The Summit Cloud Text Editor offers all the formatting options you need. Variables used in the data warehouse, so-called data points, are always linked to the data from financial accounting, regardless of their individual formatting, and are automatically updated if required. The user can start a new report based on the previous report with the latest figures at the touch of a single button.

Data warehouse

Access to all figures from accounting

Define data points using simple formulas

The integrated data warehouse automatically provides the user with all current balances for various points in time and periodicities via an interface to financial accounting. On this basis, further key figures can be defined using simple formulas and made available as data points, such as the quarterly gross profit as the difference between sales revenues and cost of goods or materials.

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