“You build your own cathedrals”

Software development is an engineering skill and requires a high level of training and experience. Accordingly, all of our employees in the development team are trained software engineers and are constantly receiving further training. In addition to the skills of the team, the right selection of methods and tools is crucial for the success of a software project.

We rely on object-oriented software development, design patterns, three-tier architecture, web services, shared code, MVC and MVVM, databases, FOP and support our users over the entire product life cycle.

  • analysis

  • draft

  • Implementation and introduction

  • Further development

  • Maintenance and support

Technology stack

App front end

We develop cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. We rely on Xamarin (Microsoft C # / .NET and Visual Studio) and use shared code for all platforms for the business logic. The app user interface is created “natively” depending on the respective platform. This combination enables us to achieve an optimal mix of reusable code and the best user experience. As in the backend, we also use a database system for persistence on the mobile devices; in our apps this is currently SQLite. We support tablets and smartphones in all common display dimensions.

Single page application

We create the interfaces of our desktop applications with Angular, TypeScript, HTML and SCSS in conjunction with Nebular. We use tools such as proto.io and Adobe XD for the UI / UX design. We attach great importance to clearly structured, clear user interfaces, optimal user guidance and an appealing design. Whenever possible, all functions are self-explanatory and our users should enjoy their work. We have many years of experience in the production of multilingual, multi-tenant cloud solutions for multi-user operation. In the classic client-server area, we rely on C # .net with WPF.


We structure our backends in authentication layer, service layer, OR mapping layer and database layer. We use Microsoft IIS, Node and Apache as the application server. In the database area, we rely on Oracle and use the Microsoft Entity Framework for object-relational mapping. We have been an Oracle partner for over 20 years. Most of our applications are based on the current Oracle Server Standard Edition, in smaller scenarios we also use Oracle MySQL. We support ETL processes and interfaces to other database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server with the help of Oracle Gateways. We develop our web services in Microsoft Visual Studio with C # / .NET. WKG is a Microsoft partner.

Document processing

We are specialists in the field of document generation and database publishing. Many of our customers are publishing and media companies, we are familiar with the automated creation of extensive directories, catalogs and business reports for print and online. In doing so, we often process many millions of data records that have to be imported from external sources, reshaped, refined, sorted according to complex rules and brought into shape. Dealing with the generation of PDF, the handling of fonts, image processing, layout and document management as well as reporting are among our core competencies.

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