Officeliner® is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Compared to pure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, the system offers, in addition to the functions for customer care and new customer acquisition, the possibility of mapping all of the company’s business processes in one software.

  • Customer and address management

  • Campaign management and mailings

  • Call center support

  • Resubmission, activity history and scheduling

  • Document management and archiving

  • Data warehouse, data mining and reporting

  • Field service and sales support

  • Cross-selling and new customer acquisition

  • Offer and order processing

  • Billing and commission accounting

Target groups

For sole proprietorships

Managing customers and creating offers, planning and carrying out projects, writing invoices and submitting the accounting data to the tax advisor – for these tasks is the Officeliner the perfect partner. All documents and emails can be linked directly to the customer and written directly from the system.

For small and medium-sized companies

As a commercial standard software, the new Officeliner the entire workflow from acquiring new customers to invoicing. The core modules include customer and order processing, field service support, document management and activity history, invoicing and reporting. Special production systems and other in-house solutions can be easily and efficiently connected via standardized interfaces.

For corporations

The Officeliner is multilingual and multi-client capable. Central and decentralized databases can be made available quickly and securely in a global corporate network via the cloud. The system is based on an Oracle database, which guarantees the highest possible reliability. In individual projects, our team expands the system according to your needs and integrates it into the existing system landscape.

The new design of the OfficelinerXL

File manager

General structure of the new OfficelinerXL

General structure using the example of the file manager

Various apps can be called up on the left side of the Officeliner desktop, such as a global search, contacts management, file manager, appointment calendar, library, Officeliner TV and Help. The “Plus-App” enables the addition of further program functions. The right side shows your own profile.

Contact manager

Everything at a glance

The Officeliner contact manager

Officeliner business partner management is based on standards that have proven themselves over many years in the field of corporate software. We work closely with the Hanover University of Applied Sciences for Business, FHDW, and benefit from the know-how of the latest technologies.

Flexible input fields

Example of maintaining contacts

Contact maintenance with flexible input fields

If necessary, the user can add further fields and even define new fields himself. A special feature of the Officeliner contact maintenance is the possibility to organize any files in the file manager of a contact: offers, order confirmations, invoices and much more


Standard cloud

49per month
  • from 5 workplaces
  • Standard license without support

Premium cloud

99per month
  • from 10 workplaces
  • All-round carefree incl. Updates and Support

Classic single

  • for single users
  • Our classic for local installation